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Premium Wine Glass, Game of Thrones, Quote Selection, 15oz

Choose your Wine Glass with Game of Thrones Quotes. Drink from this professionally carved glass and plot how to rule your kingdom like Tyrion.

These glasses are professionally etched to create a smooth design that won't fade, chip or peel.

You may choose the following GoT quotes:

  • "That's What I Do I Drink and I Know Things"
  • "God of Tits and Wine"
  • "Mother of Dragons"
  • "I'm Not a Princess I'm a Khaleesi"
  • "Kingslayer"
  • "Hodor"
  • "Hold The Door"
  • "King in the North"
  • "Winter is Coming"
  • "That's What I Do, I Drink and Code Things"

Dont worry if the picture is of a blank glass, that just means we are waiting on the image with that particular quote or phrase.

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