Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

It Is our mission to create unique gifts designed to inspire joy and celebrate life's most precious moments!


Behind The Glass

Our company originated in Hawaii, founded by a U.S. Marine Veteran back in 2016, since then, we have resided in sunny San Diego, California.

The story of Integrity Bottles began to unfold with a Husband and Wife duo. As a San Diego Sheriff’s Deputy and Navy Special Warfare Boat Operator, this power couple started sandblasting liquor and wine bottles as military and personalized gifts. Family, friends, and military spouses came together to grow us into a small but mighty powerhouse!

During the Pandemic in 2020, our team found a way to adapt and grow stronger! By partnering with a local Distillery, Liberty Call, we were able to push specialty WHO Bourbon hand sanitizer to healthcare facilities around thecountry! We are now top-rated, selling on multiple online marketplaces, continuing to expand our presence!

Each of our glassware products is unique, individually handmade, and offers its own imperfections. No one product is the same as the next, making each gift more special. At the end of the year, we donate a portion of our proceeds to support Veterans in our community. Also, we don’t just offer pre-made products but a full range of fully customizable templates and products for you to design yourself!

Our promise to you is place Integrity and Honor at the forefront of our business, now and always. We appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to read this bit about us! We want to  to return the love to you all! So, please take advantage of our "Rewards" system where you can earn points for buying, sharing, and most importantly, by simply Joining us!

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