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Integrity Bottles originated through the art of sand carving customized, premium liquor and wine bottles for unique Military retirement gifts, Change of Command presentations, and other meaningful occasions. With the jaw dropping responses to our pristine, deep etched "Integrity Bottles", we knew there was room for greater impact!  

Next, a close friend asked if we could make her a special wine glass... one etched with a "Game of Thrones" quote! We etched a few... painted a few... and finally, we had a beautiful, high quality wine glass! Our teams Creative Director and "Master Blaster" ;-), opened up an Etsy shop, IntegrityArt, and posted a few of our products, which was an instant hit with GoT fans!

With the amazing response to our products, was developed and has been growing ever since. To this day we've earned over 10k followers,120k Orders, 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Every year's response to our shop during the week of Black Friday and Cyber Monday is completely crazy and orders pour in so heavily, we have to lock in all the Christmas orders that we can physically produced by the first half of December!  

December of 2019 was especially wild! The whole world was hit by Covid-19, causing many well know, local companies to go under. We knew we had to adapt somehow. Fortunately, Our team was able to pivot in the market and began distributing our specialty, liquor distilled WHO hand sanitizer! This gave us an opportunity, not only to stay in business, but to lend a helping hand to those at risk. Healthcare facilities around the country received a great number of our whiskey hand sanitizer for FREE! Surely, we couldn't have done it alone, thanks to our partners at Liberty Call Distilling!

The Integrity Bottles team, thanks all of our first responders, and healthcare workers for putting their lives on the line! We also would like to thank all of our loyal patriots and customers for your continued support! Our team stays systematically blasting, cleaning, and shipping your precious gifts at this very moment! Our plans for the future include office expansion, new product releases, new website features, and production of your favorite custom designs! 

Our company is, and has always been, run by Military Veterans and Former Law Enforcement. Our promise to you is place Integrity and Honor at the forefront of our business, now and always. We appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to read this bit about us! We want to  to return the love to you all! So, please take advantage of our "Rewards" system where you can earn points for buying, sharing, and most importantly, by simply Joining us!

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     Your Integrity Team 

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