Discounts and Coupon Codes Updated

Integrity Bottles® discounts and coupon codes are always available! We would much rather offer you discounts through us rather than leaving you to browse around on other "questionable" sites.

Our Discounts are limited to one use per customer, but don't worry, Integrity Bottles has your back! :-D When you make a purchase, you'll have the opportunity to earn points every step of the way.  

Ways to earn Discounts and Rewards

  1. Create an account - Instantly earn 100 Reward Points redeemable for a coupon!
  2. Make a Purchase - Earn points and rewards for every dollar you spend! You can keep track of your points and redeem your rewards by clicking the tab labeled "Your Rewards" on the bottom left of your screen. *Only visible from desktop site*
  3. Review your Purchase - After your order arrives, you'll receive an email with the opportunity to review your purchase.  Special discounts are available if you submit a photo with your review! Read our reviews.
  4. Subscribe to our Rewards Email - Periodically we'll send you an email with the latest deals, sales, and by the way, we respect your inbox! We make it easy for you to unsubscribe if you ever want a break, and we promise not to spam you!
    *Click here to add to your address book so you don’t miss our awesome updates. is our secure rewards email URL.
  5. Like us on Facebook - We consistently post the latest and greatest products, events, and even "Facebook followers only" exclusive discounts!
  6. Follow us on Instagram - If you're a picture person and you love exclusive discounts, this is for you!  You can access our online store and stay up to date with special promos and custom projects we're making for some customers! Stay in touch and don't forget to tag us in photos of you using our products! #integritybottles