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Integrity Art

Premium Dog Mom, Paw Print Vinyl Decal, Window Sticker, Weatherproof Outdoor, UV Protected, 5 Inch Decal, Made in USA

✔ WEATHERPROOF - Our vinyl decals will withstand exposure to the harshest weather conditions, including rough car washes.

✔ UV PROTECTED - The sun will be hard pressed to fade these UV protected stickers! We coat them with a special UV resistant laminate.

✔ SCRATCH RESISTANT - Perfect for cars, computers, water bottles, and anything else that takes a beating over time! It takes more force than you think to hurt our premium vinyl.

✔ TRANSFER DECAL - This special Dog Mom Paw design is set up to easily transfer to your car window, bottle, computer, or whatever else you'd like to brand.

★ MADE IN USA - All our stickers are produced in a very clean and friendly environment in the United States of America!


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