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Integrity Bottles, Customizable Bridal Cocktail Shaker Gift Set, 8.5oz Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker, 2oz Double Cocktail Jigger, Cocktail Muddler, 16oz Stemless Wine Glass, Stainless Steel Drink Mixer, and a (Set of 6) Crystal Ice Cubes

A Celebration of Love and Mixing Memories!

Raise a toast to the bride's special day with our thoughtfully curated Bridal Cocktail Shaker Gift Set. This elegant collection is designed to add a touch of sophistication and fun to the bridal celebration, making it a truly memorable experience. 

The centerpiece of this set is the 8.5oz Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker, a sleek and durable tool that allows the bride to shake up her favorite libations like a professional mixologist. 

Accurate measurements are key to crafting the perfect cocktail, and our 2oz Double Cocktail Jigger ensures precision in every pour. Whether she's mixing up classic concoctions or creating her own signature drinks, this essential tool will elevate her cocktail-making skills.

To muddle and release the full flavors of fruits and herbs, we've included a high-quality Cocktail Muddler. It's the perfect companion for infusing refreshing notes into her cocktails, adding a delightful twist to the celebration.

The 16oz Stemless Wine Glass exudes timeless elegance and serves as the ideal vessel for sipping and savoring her masterful creations. Its classic design and sturdy build make it a perfect addition to her barware collection.

For those who enjoy a well-stirred cocktail, our Stainless Steel Drink Mixer is the answer. Its sleek design and efficient mixing capabilities ensure that every drink is perfectly blended and ready to impress her guests.

Completing this gift set are (Set of 6) Crystal Ice Cubes, a sophisticated alternative to traditional ice cubes. These reusable and non-diluting cubes will keep her drinks chilled without compromising their taste, ensuring a memorable drinking experience.

Why Choose the Bridal Cocktail Shaker Gift Set? It's not just a gift; it's a celebration of love and the art of mixology. Each item in this set is crafted with high-quality materials, designed for durability, and meant to enhance the joy of cocktail crafting. The option to personalize the cocktail shaker adds a sentimental touch that will warm the bride's heart every time she uses it.

Let the Bride embark on a journey of crafting delightful cocktails and creating lasting memories with this stylish and functional collection, designed to make her special day even more remarkable.

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