Artwork Conversion Service

Artwork conversion is required for non-vector image files. You can avoid artwork conversion fees by submitting approved vector artwork with your order. If you are unsure if your order requires artwork conversion, please contact us here:

Artwork is quantified hourly (1 quantity = 1 hour). Typically, one logo or design takes about one hour to complete. Complex designs, low quality images, and shading can cause extended artwork conversion times. Contact your Integrity Bottles Rep if you have any questions.

Sales Rep Info:

  1. SHIPPING - Bulk priced products are not eligible for Free Shipping, please select either USPS Priority or UPS Ground if you require shipping. For local pickup orders, please select the Free Shipping option.
  2. ARTWORK CONVERSION - Artwork conversion is requiredfor all non-vector image files.Send artwork to for pre-approval or use your designated cloud storage account. Please add this Artwork Conversion Fee to your cart if required.
  3. SETUP FEES - A setup fee is required for all new designs, custom orders, and non-regular orders. Please add this Setup Fee to your cart if required.
  4. CONTACT US - Please feel free to contact your Integrity Bottles representative with any questions prior to placing your order. We can build a custom order for you if required.

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