Special Product Access (SPA)

We're going to make this as easy as possible to get your company, command, or family online with Integrity Bottles!  Special Product Access (SPA) accounts gain access to a special page called "My Products" which will only display products specifically assigned to your user account.  This means you and your team can now purchase exclusive products with your designs, logos, and special pricing in an online, streamlined checkout process!

In order to view "My Products", you will need to login with an authorized SPA account.

Get Started with SPA

In the beginning of our relationship, you'll need to login or registerfor a standard account on Integrity Bottles and submit a simple SPA request.

SPA Request:

  1. Login or Register here: https://integritybottles.com/account/register
  2. Send an email to: SPA@IntegrityBottles.com with this subject: "Please authorize my account for Special Product Access (SPA)".  Tell us about your Company, Command, or Family and how we can help you.
  3. Attach your Designs, Logos, or Artwork (if required) to the email for review. (Preferred formats include .ai, .eps, .svg but these vector formats are not required)

We will review your request and contact you if needed. Once authorized, navigate to "My Products" at: https://integritybottles.com/collections/my-products. You will see any exclusive products that are authorized for your account on this page.

If you do not see what you're looking for, or if you need assistance, please use the contact form below (or the help bubble) to contact us about the issue.